News Reel

News Reel: Jane Caffrey from Jane Caffrey on Vimeo.

This news reel provides a look at look at Jane Caffrey’s work in television journalism, featuring new standups shot around Los Angeles, a CNN package about controversial protests at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, a look-live on a recent Craigslist murder, and anchor reads in both English and Spanish.

Jane has spent the past three years working for CNN with the Special Investigations & Documentaries team and the Entertainment Unit, where she has conducted interviews with A-list stars at red carpet premieres and turned numerous packages for the network.

CNN’s Jane Caffrey catches up with Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Samuel L. Jackson. (Click on photo for video)

While earning her master’s degree at NYU, Jane additionally traveled to Rio de Janeiro to shoot and produce Olympic Legacy, a 35-minute documentary about forced evictions in Rio’s slums as the city prepares for the 2016 Olympic Games.

TRAILER: OLYMPIC LEGACY (Documentary) from Jane Caffrey on Vimeo.


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